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Social media advertising allows you to segment your audience down to the microscopic level and promote your products or services to the people who want to hear from you.

1Community Growth, Targeted Engagement
It is essential that your brand is front of mind. Increasing the amount of people that follow your business & see your product online drives the number of conversations & referral rates to your business. Our specialist in-house consultants engage with your target audience with innovative technology & insights to maximise the audience of your content by growing its subscribed audience.
2Social PR, Influencer Marketing
The online word-of-mouth recommendation; Influencer Marketing is a powerful tool when growing your online reputation. CEEK has an extensive network of individuals with vast networks specific to your industry. In contrast to expensive traditional advertising, influencer marketing is part of your potential customer's daily life, providing immediate validation of your brand & can help your business rank higher on google.
3Analytics & Insights, ROI Driven
Powerful analytics tools, coupled with our proprietary OCMX insights provide a deep understanding of your current & future customer behaviour. ROI driven data provides factual information to formulate an effective Social Marketing Strategy. A clear view of who is currently viewing your content, your competitors content & where your future customers transact online is crucial for effective targeting & return on investment.
4Content Marketing, Evoking Emotion
Bespoke mobile optimised content for your target audience, with the sole purpose to attract & retain customers. The consistent creation & curation of relevant & valuable content with the direct intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour, driving increased loyalty & referrals. Shareable, likeable & emotion-evoking content strategy is at the foundation of business Social Media Strategy.


Kerala Social Media Agency

Our approach to Social Media is different from what we have seen from client’s internal teams & other agencies. Whilst we appreciate that there are so many available channels and the technology changes extremely regularly, we are proud to be experts in Social Media with our OCMX methodology at the heart of our campaigns.

  • Dedicated Account Managers.
  • Cross-Channel Campaigns.
  • Frequent Communication
  • On-Demand Reporting.


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